How do I use a dishwasher to sterilize beer bottles?

Answer Remove the LabelsRemove the labels from the bottles with a scrub brush and hot water. Bits of the paper labels and the glue holding them on can wind up inside of the bottles if they are still on wh... Read More »

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How often should you sterilize bottles?

Baby bottles should be sterilized after every full use of the bottle, or if milk goes bad in the bottle. Taking the time to sterilize a bottle helps reduce a baby's likelihood of getting sick.Sourc... Read More »

How do I sterilize Avent bottles?

DishwasherPlace Avent bottles in the dishwasher with a water temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Run the dishwashing cycle as usual.StoveRinse the Avent bottles and nipples with warm wa... Read More »

Until what age should i sterilize water for bottles?

The water for bottles should always be sterilized regardless of the baby's age. The World Health Organization recommends that water is sterilized by bringing it to a rolling boil. The sterilized wa... Read More »

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles?

When feeding your newborn, don't assume that bottles and other items from their packages are clean. Always sterilize everything in water before use. This article will tell you how to sterilize your... Read More »