How do I use a computer monitor as a television?

Answer You are probably reading this article on a multimedia computer monitor or laptop screen that you normally use for word processing, photo editing, email and surfing the Internet. But because advance... Read More »

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Using a Television Set As a Monitor for a Computer?

Whether you're looking to consolidate your electronics or just get the most out of a great high-definition television, there are several methods you can use to connect your computer to a TV instead... Read More »

I want to use my regular television for as a monitor for my computer what do i need to buy .?

I have the same setup. My TV is HDTV. Does it have a monitor connector cable socket on it's back? If yes, connect with your monitor out via monitor cable.…... Read More »

Can you watch television on your computer monitor?

With an internet connection, you can watch television on your computer. Most major networks offer the programs online after they've aired on television, and sites like Hulu offer extensive TV progr... Read More »

How to Use an LCD Screen as a Computer Monitor and a Television?

With the success of the LCD monitors, the TV industry has jumped at the opportunity to build LCD TVs with VGA inputs. The newer TVs will connect directly to the Internet and download movies and oth... Read More »