How do I use a clamp AC meter?

Answer Live CircuitUse a clamp AC meter to measure the current flowing through a live circuit. In order for current to flow, turn on a light or plug an appliance into an outlet for the circuit you're test... Read More »

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How do i use a clamp meter?

Prepare the Meter and DeviceTurn on the clamp meter and rotate the dial so that it is set to measure AC current. Turn on the device on which you wish to use your clamp meter to measure current.Clam... Read More »

How do I use a digital clamp meter?

Working with the ConductorLocate a single wire conductor connected to the circuit you wish to measure. Ensure that current flows in the wire by turning on the circuit. The clamp meter measures curr... Read More »

How do i measure power with a clamp meter?

Set the rotary selector switch to the range and function needed. Make sure you don't measure a current on high voltage conductors (more than 600 volts).Set the rotary selector switch to "AC (~V)." ... Read More »

How do I measure amps with a clamp meter?

Single WireGain access to a single wire in your home's electrical system by opening a junction box, outlet or similar connection point. Look for a black (hot) or neutral (white) wire. Note that you... Read More »