How do I use a catering-size coffee percolator?

Answer Place the coffee pot on a secure, level surface. Insert the plug into the outlet at the base of the urn. Make sure that the spigot is not open. Twist the lid to loosen and remove it.Moisten the bre... Read More »

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How to Use a Catering-Size Coffee Percolator?

Preparing the perfect pot of coffee for a crowd requires a catering-size coffee percolator. These have larger capacities than percolators for home use, but they function in the same basic way. Neve... Read More »

Would you rather have coffee from a Mr Coffee or a percolator?

I like percolated better but don't often do that during the week before work. On days I have to go to work I use the regular coffee pot with the timer set to brew before I wake up so it's ready by... Read More »

Coffee percolator makes hot water but no coffee?

Clean it by running clear water through it, do this periodically..

How do i use a coffee percolator?

Fill the water chamberFill the percolator with the desired quantity of water. Some percolators have interior markings that will indicate the amount of water required per cup. Use fresh, cold water.... Read More »