How do I use a Rival meat slicer?

Answer Place the meat slicer on a clean, level work area and assemble the pieces. Attach the feeder arm to the base and then place the food press plate onto the feeder. Each piece has a tightening knob an... Read More »

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Where is the safety lock on meat slicer , so i can cut meat thicker by adjustingthe dial.?

that totally depends on the type of meat slicer.Big commercial ones don't have a lock on the thickness dial at all.Small home ones might but you would have to look for it...thats what your head is ... Read More »

How do I operate a meat slicer?

Make sure the slicer is clean, that all the parts are in place, and that the lock knobs holding the blade plate and slicer handle are tight. Turn the unit on and listen to make sure the blade is no... Read More »

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Does slicing cheese on a meat slicer dull the blade?

Commercial meat slicers can be used for meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other foods. Using it for any slicing, including meats, dulls the blade, in the same way that using a knife for any pu... Read More »