How do I use U.S. appliances in Asia?

Answer Determine the plug configurations, standard voltage system and alternating current in the Asian country/countries you're visiting. Most wall outlets in Asia don't have a third round hole required b... Read More »

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Hairstyles in Asia?

Hairstyle trends in Asia often become trendy in the United States too. The influx of immigrant Asians may account for that. Another reason is that parts of Asia, particularly Japan, are known for i... Read More »

Where is Siberia on the Asia map?

Siberia is a land region in northern Russia that encompasses approximately one-half of the country's total land mass. Bordered by the Ural Mountains to the west, the Okhotsk Sea to the east, the Ar... Read More »

List of gsm countries in asia ?

list of gsm operators by country…i dont think band is different,gsm frequency in europe that is differentEdit : the Technoloy column is the band

Do phytoplankton live in Asia?

Phytoplankton exist in China. Along with the numerous types of phytoplankton in the ocean, the miniscule species have also been detected in mainland bodies of water, such as the Aral Sea and Lake B... Read More »