How do I upload pictures from my scanner?

Answer first install ur scanner from the the driver's disk which came with the scanner.........mostly all manufactures provide a software with the installation diskwhen the installation completes open sta... Read More »

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How do I upload pictures from a printer/scanner?

Hi There,Fin is absolutely correct. The slot on the printer only allows printing from the memory card.The best option will be to buy a small USB card reader for your laptop.They are very inexpensiv... Read More »

Is it possible to upload my own pictures to my blog because i cant upload a video.?

Yes u can but it depends with your web host provider.

When I connect my canon powershot sd500 to the computer I can't upload any pictures it says that the pictures are not a supported file how do i fix that?

The relationship is direct. The greater the video resolution the more pixels it requires. Digital imaging and computer screens address each and every pixel on the screen directly. you can decide E... Read More »

How do I get pictures from my scanner into "My pictures folder"?

Depending on where the pictures are saved, you'll have to open the folder that they're in and the My Pictures folder. Make both folders small enough on your screen so that you can see both. Drag th... Read More »