How do I upload pictures from an sd-card to an organization.?

Answer Yes

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How to Upload Pictures From an SD Memory Card Onto a Computer?

SD memory cards allow for large volumes of data to be compactly stored. These memory cards also allow for superior data mobility between computers. SD cards are read through a memory card reader th... Read More »

Pictures on memory card wont upload?

As your computer is not seeing any of the photographs on the memory card, my young friend, I'd hazard a guess that the memory card reader in your computer is not SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)... Read More »

How do i upload my pictures to my computer w/o a card reader?

Didn't your camera come with some sort of cord to connect it to the computer? Try that, if it doesn't work then there should also be some software/drivers that came with the camera.Honestly you can... Read More »

Is it possible to upload my own pictures to my blog because i cant upload a video.?

Yes u can but it depends with your web host provider.