How do I upload a web page?

Answer Once you have your Web files (such as HTML code, image files and PDFs) prepared, it's time to publish them to your website. FTP and file managers are two popular ways to upload your Web page so tha... Read More »

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How to Upload an MP3 to Your Web Page?

MP3 files are a standard audio file format with greater compression than other types of sound files, meaning smaller file sizes without sacrificing sound quality. Most music players can recognize a... Read More »

How do i upload music for my web page?

Copyright ConsiderationsUploading music for your Web page is a simple process. Before you begin, you should be aware that certain music is protected by copyright laws, so you should not upload that... Read More »

Can't See My Picture on My Web Page When I Upload It?

Uploading a photo to a Web page can be as simple as locating a file on your computer and clicking a button. For the photo to successfully appear on the page, however, you need to confirm a few thin... Read More »

How to Upload Flash Onto a Web Page?

Adobe Flash offers web designers the chance to add animation and interactivity to their websites. Most websites make use of Flash on some level. The program is primarily used as an animation tool, ... Read More »