How do I upload a video I recorded on my DirecTV Plus receiver Samsung model r15 to a MacBook Pro?

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Who makes the directv HD 20 Model 100 receiver?

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Who manufactured DirecTV satellite receiver model H21-200?

DirecTV uses satellite receivers manufactured by several different companies. The DirecTV satellite receiver model H21-200 (part number Part Number 19-0511) is manufactured by KVH Industries (headq... Read More »

Can a GE universal remote RM24912 be used to operate a Directv receiver model D12-100?

How to upload a video from iPHone 5 to Macbook Pro?

My method...1) Launch iTunes. Sync. Quit iTunes.2) Launch iPhoto. Locate the video, drag to desktop. Quit iPhoto.3) Launch iMovie. Under "File", select "Import Movie..."You can skip step 2 if you k... Read More »