How do I upload a CD onto a computer?

Answer Uploading a CD with AutoPlayOpen the computer's CD-ROM deck, and place the CD you want to upload into the CD-ROM tray. Close the CD-ROM door, and allow the computer to detect and run the CD. Once t... Read More »

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I have a new dell computer with vista. How do I upload pics from my camera to my computer?

I have a Dell with Vista as well. I'm just able to insert the memory card into the slot (place for memory card should read "SDIMMC" or something similar). For the most part, the computer takes to f... Read More »

How do I upload a DVD movie to a computer?

Use a Digital CopyCheck the cover of your DVD to see if it includea a digital copy. Many DVDs do, allowing you to automatically upload a DVD onto your computer simply by placing it in the disk driv... Read More »

How to upload a homemade DVD into computer?

you should use software created for the format you are using, the best all around is Pinnacle Studio 500 USB

How Do I Upload From My Ematic to My Computer?

The Ematic portable media player is capable of storing, playing and displaying audio, video, image and text files. All of these files must be transferred to the player from a computer. To get a cop... Read More »