How do I upload Windows Movie Maker to YouTube?

Answer Once you're done editing the video and such.1- Go to FILE2- Click on SAVE MOVIE FILE3- Save it on MY COMPUTER4- RENAME your movie file and BROWSE for the location of where you'd want to save your f... Read More »

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How do you upload movies from windows movie maker to youtube by converting to the video files youtube accepts?

Windows movie maker is a movie editor not up loader. You saved movie as a Project that is why you can not upload on you tube. Click on File then choose Save Movie FileEnter a File nameChoose a Plac... Read More »

Why Won't Videos On Windows Movie Maker Upload to YouTube!!!!?

Make sure the video does not exceed 10 mins and..Ensure the file format is correct before uploading to youtube...Using windows movie maker -- you have to save it into the proper file format, that i... Read More »

How do you upload a video on to youtube from windows movie maker?

it is not about the size or length of your video because it would have told you, it is most likely the format you are uploading it in it said failed because you probably left it in a MSWMM format w... Read More »

Can I upload Windows Movie Maker movies to youtube?

mmmhmmm.When your done with the video on movie maker save it regularly then go to the file menu and click "Save Movie File" It's going to ask you "Where do you want to save it to?" Click My Compute... Read More »