How do I unwrite protect a usb drive?

Answer Nicholas,Below are some steps to format a USB key that is write protected.Remove USB Memory Stick Write Protected:How to remove a write protection from your USB memory Stick1. Shutdown your compute... Read More »

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How Do I Protect My C Drive, How Do I Not Allow Viruses To Install Themselves In My C Drive...?

Why re-partition? You could just wipe the whole machine if you save all of your important files. All computers come with a back up partition, although by re-partitioning yours you may have messed u... Read More »

How to Unwrite a DVD-R?

Unlike DVD+/-RW disks, DVD-Rs aren't rewritable by default. With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a new format for writing to CDs and DVDs known as the Life File System format. This format treat... Read More »

How Do I Password-Protect a Flash Drive?

Download and install a program like Cypherix, SensiGuard or True Crypt (see Resources). Follow the on-screen installation directions. Open the program and choose a password. For enhanced security i... Read More »

Can you password protect a USB flash drive?

You can password protect a USB flash drive to help keep your data safe if the flash drive is lost. To do so, you'll need a free encryption program for USB drives, such as Cryptainer LE or TrueCrypt... Read More »