How do I untangle a fishing line?

Answer Preparing to Untangle the LineWhen you notice that your fishing line is tangled, move to a spot with good footing and put the pole down. Make sure to not to tug on the line.Freeing the Line of Tang... Read More »

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How to Untangle a Fishing Rod Reel?

Has this ever happened to you; you're looking forward to that camping trip where you can relax and fish for hours on end but find your fishing rod is hopelessly tangled? Well, not any more! Note, t... Read More »

How to Put Fishing Line on a Telescoping Fishing Pole?

Telescoping fishing rods are a convenient way for many anglers to carry a full-size rod in a compact size. Available in a wide range of prices, telescoping rods are made with multiple sections that... Read More »

Can you use regular fishing line for fly fishing?

Successful fly fishing is done with proper equipment, especially the correct line. Standard monofilament fishing line will not work for fly fishing. Fly fishing line is typically floating line, whi... Read More »

How do i rig a fishing line for pier fishing?

Surf or still watersRig your rod and reel appropriately for the types of pier and water you are fishing. The action of the surf pushes your line and bait around. In still water you can use lighter ... Read More »