How do I uninstall Media Player 11?

Answer Get to ProgramsClick "Start" and then click "Control Panel." When the control panel opens, click "Add/Remove Programs."Scroll Through ProgramsClick on the checkbox next to "Show Updates." Scroll th... Read More »

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How do I uninstall Windows Media Player 11?

Start in Safe ModePress power button, then "F8" key while computer is starting up. Using direction arrows on your keyboard, maneuver to "Safe Mode" option, then press "Enter."Sequence to UninstallC... Read More »

How to Uninstall Windows Media Player 11?

Don't like the look of Windows Media Player 11? Just used to using Windows Media Player 10? Want to get back to your previous version? Just follow the steps below and you should have no trouble.

How do I uninstall Windows Media Player for Mac?

Uninstall Windows Media PlayerClick on the "Hard Drive" icon on your Mac desktop. Select "Applications" in the left column. Find "Windows Media Player." Drag the icon to your trash icon on your des... Read More »

How Do I Uninstall Windows Vista Media Player 11?

Use the UninstallerUse the uninstaller that is included with the software package to uninstall Windows Media Player 11 from Windows Vista. Click the "Start" menu and choose "All Programs." From the... Read More »