How do I underline the words "while" I'm typing on a PC keyboard?

Answer right before you type the word, hit control+u. right after the word, even before you hit the space bar, hit control+u again.same applies for bold: control+band italic: control+i

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Is 50 words per minute a lot Typing on the computer keyboard?

Depends on the number of mistakes you make. If that is error free, you are doing great.

How to Underline a Letter or Word When Typing?

There are many different things you can do with text when you are typing in a document. One useful thing you can do is to underline a letter or a whole word while you are typing. While there are di... Read More »

Where is the underline key on the computer keyboard when it is not marked?

It's the upper part of the minus key, use Shift key and - for the underline___

I need help with typing without looking at the keyboard?

Use ADOBE Typing Master software its the best available in market