How do I uncurl a spooled fishing line?

Answer Attach the Line to a Fixed ObjectAttach the end of your line to a fixed object such as a fence in an open area. You need to be able to walk away from the object at least 30 yards in a straight path... Read More »

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How do i uncurl fishing line?

Curled or twisted?Determine if your fishing line is curled or twisted. Monofilament will eventually assume the shape of its container or spool. Tightly curled line should be replaced as soon as pos... Read More »

How to Put Fishing Line on a Telescoping Fishing Pole?

Telescoping fishing rods are a convenient way for many anglers to carry a full-size rod in a compact size. Available in a wide range of prices, telescoping rods are made with multiple sections that... Read More »

How do I put fishing line on a fishing wheel?

Loop your fishing line around the spool of your reel. Let 6 inches of line (this is called the tag) overlap with the main line. Loop the tag around the main line three times.Thread the tag from the... Read More »

Can you use regular fishing line for fly fishing?

Successful fly fishing is done with proper equipment, especially the correct line. Standard monofilament fishing line will not work for fly fishing. Fly fishing line is typically floating line, whi... Read More »