How do I unclog water from my ear?

Answer One of the hazards of swimming is getting water in your ear. Water can also get in your ear while you are showering. If water remains in your ear for an extended time, it can cause pain and infecti... Read More »

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How to Unclog a Toilet With Hot Water?

A clogged toilet is never fun, especially if there's only one bathroom in the house. One of the simplest and most DIY-friendly ways to unclog a toilet involves pouring hot water down the drain. Usi... Read More »

How to Unclog a Drain With Standing Water?

A clogged drain with standing water creates an inconvenience in the home. Until the problem is resolved, you lose the use of your sink or bathtub and run the risk of having water and other stuff ov... Read More »

How do you unclog sitting water in dishwasher?

Clean the discharge pipe under the sink where it joins either to the garburator or the drain pipe. Run the dishwasher through a cycle and it should pump the water out thoroughly. Otherwise the pump... Read More »

How do I unclog my tub?

pour some draino.. that usually takes care of that!