How do I unblock my ear?

Answer You can use hydrogen peroxide, I did yesterday and it cleaned most of the ear wax out, so my hearing is more acute for a while. You can refer to ehow's guide on cleaning out ear wax. Be sure to wai... Read More »

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How do u unblock numbers on ur phone I have a number that has been blocked and i need to unblock it.?

Contact your phone company and ask the operator to remove the restriction - unblock the number .

I want to unblock myspace but my computer blocks the websites desihned to unblock websites. i NEED myspace....?

tools/ internet options/ privacy tabsites buttonenter acceptable sites

How do i unblock the bog?

Use wire hanger, unfolded and poke and poke and poke for your life until your banging sh1t and bog roll disappears!

How to unblock a ear?