How do I type a smiley face for messaging?

Answer The most basic smiley face, known as an emoticon, in text messaging uses a colon and close parenthesis. Most text messaging services convert this into an icon of a smiley face. Add a dash to create... Read More »

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How to Type a Love Smiley Face?

A sequence of ordinary symbols on your keyboard, phone or typewriter that conveys an emotion is called an "emoticon" or "smiley." Smileys are usually viewed sideways and are useful in online comput... Read More »

How to Do the LOL Smiley Face Dance?

Until recently, the "LOL smiley face" was a sentiment you could only express when typing. That's how Scott E. Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University intended emoticons to work when he invented them ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Crawler Smiley Face?

Crawler Smileys are free, downloadable smiley-face graphics that you can add to your messages online. You can post them to blogs, comments, Web pages and emails. Crawler Smileys can also be used wi... Read More »

How to Do the One Eye Open Smiley Face?

Emoticons are small character-based messages that you can include in the text of an email, text message or chat message. These types of icons allow the person sending a message the ability to have ... Read More »