How do I turn on the WiFi on a D-Link router?

Answer D-Link is a company that makes routers designed to create wireless Internet networks for homes and small businesses out of wired connections that come through cable or fiber optic lines. This means... Read More »

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Does ipad mini wifi supports micromax 400R wifi router?

The device is NOT a WIFI router to begin with. It's a device for wireless internet service. NOT WIFI. You would STILL need to pay for an internet data plan. Why you'd buy such a device when phone d... Read More »

Can I use Tyre wifi of my ethernet router to set up A elan network between PC with no wifi and a laptop .?

my answer deals with the wireless versions of this so take note of that fact and one of your machines has to have "wireless" capabilities before this is even attempted !!On task bar of your compute... Read More »

How do I set up a WiFi router?

Connect Router to ModemLocate your cable or DSL modem, and remove its power source. Connect your Wi-Fi router to the modem by inserting one end of an Ethernet cable into the port on the rear of the... Read More »

How to Use a D-Link Router?

If you own a laptop or other wireless device, you're not using the device's full potential if you are still plugging directly into your modem for Internet access. You can use a D-Link router to he... Read More »