How do I turn off emails when one of my contacts asks a question?

Answer first go to your profile in Yahoo-Answers and click on "Edit my profile" scroll down to "Email Communications from Yahoo! Answers " and uncheck the box next to "Email me when one of my Contacts ask... Read More »

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It is difficult knowing what to say when a boy asks you out and you really don't feel for him like that. Don't panic, read these steps and let him down gently.

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Funny you should say that Dani. I have often thought about why people would go to great lengths to express such intolerant and prejudiced views towards who already have tattoos or those looking for... Read More »

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people just love to get in the business of those who are different. when i started to explore options for protein outside of meat, my friends were totally grossed out and said things like "why tort... Read More »

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