How do I turn off emails when one of my contacts asks a question?

Answer first go to your profile in Yahoo-Answers and click on "Edit my profile" scroll down to "Email Communications from Yahoo! Answers " and uncheck the box next to "Email me when one of my Contacts ask... Read More »

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How to Turn Down a Boy when He Asks You Out?

It is difficult knowing what to say when a boy asks you out and you really don't feel for him like that. Don't panic, read these steps and let him down gently.

How do i open my computer when it asks for a password on the black and white screen when i turn it on?

You need to reset your CMOS RAM. You can do so by setting the CMOS jumper on the motherboard or by removing the BIOS battery.

How to Answer when Your Crush Asks You a Strange Question?

If you sit near your crush in class, or they stop you in the hallway at school, and they ask you the weirdest, grossest, or most random question, here's a way to respond.

Which color contacts Freshlook Contacts question!?

either color would work.Your eyes are really pretty.and that is saying a lot coming from me, because I usually don't like brown eyes.Also, if you go to their website, you can upload a pic of yourse... Read More »