How do I turn off a smoke detector battery alarm?

Answer Remove the CoverStand on a sturdy chair if your smoke detector is out of your reach. Carefully twist the smoke detector from the wall or ceiling to get to the battery compartment. For some detector... Read More »

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What can cause a smoke detector false alarm?

Smoke detectors are a life-saving device that alert people to the danger of fire. However, sometimes a smoke detector can give a false alarm. This mainly occurs due to the age of the smoke detect... Read More »

What type of fire alarm / smoke detector should I buy?

On One Hand: Photoelectric AlarmA photoelectric smoke alarm is more responsive to long smoldering fires. This makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom areas where nuisance alarms are more likely to ... Read More »

How to Install a Wireless Smoke Detector for Alarm System?

When a fire breaks out, lots of smoke will emit. At this time wireless smoke detector will send out alarm to warn you run away from the fire. It's widely used in house, hotel, office, factory, etc.... Read More »

Can a stand alone smoke detector be added to a building with a central alarm?

On One Hand: A Stand-Alone Smoke Detector Can Be AddedA stand-alone smoke detector can be added to a building with a central alarm. The smoke detector runs on batteries and functions separately fro... Read More »