How do I troubleshoot a Maytag gas stove?

Answer When properly cared for and maintained, a Maytag gas stove can be a reliable appliance for many years, but it is important to know what to do when things go wrong. When problems do occur, you can s... Read More »

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How do i unlock my maytag stove?

Locate the LatchStand in front of the Maytag stove and look at the oven door. There may be a locking latch just above the oven door. If your stove has a latch, slide it all the way to the left to u... Read More »

How to Clean a Maytag Stove?

Maytag recommends that stoves be cleaned after each use to keep them functioning properly and to maintain their appearance. Cleaning your stove does not require special cleaners; instead, a simple ... Read More »

What does the F1 on a Maytag electric stove mean?

The F1 code on a Maytag electric stove means the electronic range control, clock or touch pad is defective. You or a technician can do a test to determine which item is broken, but you must replace... Read More »

How to How to Replace the Ignitor on a Maytag Stove?

A Maytag gas stove consists of a pilot light that lights the burners when needed. On older gas stoves, including the Maytag, the pilot was burning all the time which used more energy. From about th... Read More »