How do I troubleshoot a Maytag gas dryer?

Answer Maytag sells a variety of dryers in a number of different colors. Some more recent models have a conventional dryer on the bottom and a drying cabinet for delicates, knits or hard-to-dry items ... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot Starting a Maytag Dryer?

Problems starting a Maytag dryer are most often related to the dryer not being powered; to an incorrect type of power supply being delivered to the dryer; to the door not being closed; and to the s... Read More »

Instructions on Replacing Dryer Belt and Idler Arm for a Maytag Electric Dryer?

The idler arm in a Maytag dryer creates tension in the drum belt, keeping the belt tight on the drum and motor pulley. Over time, the arm may start to wear down and need replacing. A worn-out idler... Read More »

How do i take the front off a Maytag gas dryer?

Removing the front panel of a Maytag gas dryer allows access to most of the interior components, including the dryer belt, motor and heater. Maytag gas dryers come in two basic styles; identify whi... Read More »

How do I clean a Maytag dryer?

Clean a Maytag DryerThe dryer should be cool before you begin. Remove the lint filter-- it's usually on top of the dryer or inside the door. Remove the lint with a soft brush or by running a fabric... Read More »