How do I treat paintball stains on cotton fabric?

Answer Wipe away the excess paint from the piece of fabric using a towel. Place the fabric in a washing machine and wash on normal settings using laundry detergent. Both cold and warm water settings wil... Read More »

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How do I remove stains from white cotton fabric?

Blot the StainsWet a white paper towel or white rag with cold water, and dab at the stains. Do not rub the stains; blot them only so you don't spread them further into the material.Use Stain Remove... Read More »

Difference Between Permanent Press Fabric & Cotton Fabric?

Permanent press fabrics are those that have been specially treated with chemicals to resist wrinkles and hold their shape. While cotton fabric can be chemically treated to need little ironing, it l... Read More »

How to Tell If a Fabric Is Cotton?

Cotton is a versatile natural fiber prized for its strength, softness, durability and comfort. Fifty-six percent of all garments and home furnishings in the United States contain cotton, according ... Read More »

How to Remove Wax From Cotton Fabric?

An intimate, candlelit evening is something that you hope to remember for its elegance and romance; not for the clumsy hand-holding attempt that spilled candle wax on your favorite cotton summer dr... Read More »