What was the name of the tv time travel series with the kid who spot back in time on a trip with school and was hunted there by somebody who wanted to go and travel to the future?

Answer Mermaids do not exist. They are make believe and people can not change into mermaids.

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What was the name of the sci-fi tv show where a group of people who preserved the past by making it happen the way history says it happened with the use of a time sled to travel back in time?

I cannot recall a time sled- but the program known as the Time Tunnel was on ABC as I recall for a while. They used a lot of rehashed footage from old pictures and new insights on, for example the ... Read More »

Can wormholes from space be used to travel back in time?

How can I travel in time back to the 80s to let them know how much their music sucked?

80's music did not suck...depends on who sang what? music today the new rap...50 cent,mims, lil wayne, THEY suck.old school is the best rap and the true rap. and singers like... Read More »

What was the tv series called where these kids travel back in time searching 4 crystals and this guy in a red robot suit was always after them?

I'm one of those people! It's because she's not a game character and she stole Sonic from Amy Rose!