How do I transfer video from an old VHS camcorder to my computer?

Answer ANALOG*If you have an analog (VHS) camcorder… or VHS-c...You need an analog converter, either internal card or external such as the dazzle. It's very easy to use and come with good software. You ... Read More »

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How to transfer video from old camcorder to computer or DVD?

go to wondershare knowledge center to get professional help: here below is the tutorial about "Convert VHS and Analog Camcorder Tapes to DVD", good luck.…h... Read More »

How to transfer camcorder video onto computer?

Ok well first you will need something called a DV to Firewire cable. You will need a firewire port somewhere on your computer. If you have an ipod, then that is the end that you will need, one with... Read More »

Can I transfer my 8mm camcorder video to my computer what do I need to do that?

yes you can transfer your 8mm tapes onto the computer hard disk. there are two basic ways for that:1- directly via your camcorder (if ur camcorder comes with a usb jack)2- using a media conversion ... Read More »

Can I use a USB on my Sony DCR-HC 52 to transfer video from my camcorder to computer?

Even if the camcorder supports USB streaming (sorry, I don't know) the quality's not as good and there are often problems with the audio and video getting out of synch. Since your PC hasn't got on... Read More »