How do I transfer saves to the Wii?

Answer SD Card ChannelInsert an SD card into the front of the Nintendo Wii. Make sure that the SD card clicks so that it is inserted fully. Point the Wii remote to the small SD card icon at the bottom of ... Read More »

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How to Transfer Videogame Saves From a 360 to a PC?

The Microsoft Xbox 360, like other seventh generation home gaming consoles, comes with USB ports that allow for the connection of USB drives. Thus, if you wish to transfer your game save files from... Read More »

How to Transfer Game Saves to a PS2 Memory Card?

Transferring your game saves on a PlayStation 2 is easy because of the console's setup. The PS2 has two memory card slots on the console, which makes the process extremely simple. You will be able ... Read More »

How to Transfer Saves From a 20Gb to a 120Gb Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

Game saves that are stored on a 20Gb Xbox 360 hard drive can be transferred to another Xbox 360 hard drive. To transfer your games saves, you need an Xbox 360 hard drive transfer kit. You can buy t... Read More »

Can you transfer saves from a 20gb to a 120gb Xbox 360 hard drive using an Ethernet cable?

The Xbox 360’s Ethernet port is used exclusively for connecting the console to Xbox Live. You can transfer saved data from one Xbox 360 hard drive to another using an “Xbox 360 Hard Drive Trans... Read More »