How do I transfer picture slides onto a disc?

Answer Picture slides... you mean that you have it on FILM based slides and not electronically? It would be very very time consuming to scan them with a slide scanner, but you can buy a slide scanner th... Read More »

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How to Transfer a Picture onto a Fondant Cake?

Transferring a picture onto a fondant cake can make the cake match the party theme or serve as a frame for an image of the guest of honor. There are several ways to transfer a picture to a fondant ... Read More »

What sort of printer paper do i need to transfer a picture onto a black t shirt?

You will need transfer paper specially for dark clothing, which is different from transfer paper for light clothing.It is a plasticized film which can be ironed onto fabric, many places stock it no... Read More »

IS it possible to transfer everything onto disc. and then back on again Will this kill so many viruses?

That happened to me a few years ago.What I did was set my computer to a time period before you notices instability due to viruses.- Simply shut down your PC(assuming it is a PC) IMPROPERLY!- When i... Read More »

How do I convert photo slides onto dvd?

Create a FolderExamine the slides, and determine which of them you want featured on the DVD. Save each of the scans into a folder. Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Select "New," and choose "Fo... Read More »