How do I transfer my iTunes library to my eMac from my netbook Over a network?

Answer Basically what you would do (for music downloaded from iTunes) is enable home sharing then log into iTunes on the new device and they should all get downloaded there.For music not from iTunes you c... Read More »

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How do I transfer songs from my itunes library to a new itunes library?

If you have a usb drive then you can copy the music onto that and transfer the music to your new itunes. But you have to do it one by one with the music.

How to Transfer Music From My iPod to a New iTunes Library?

Transferring music to a computer isn't a core iPod function, but it can be done. If you purchase a new computer, for example, you may need to transfer your music to a new iTunes library. It's impor... Read More »

How to Transfer an iTunes Library From Your Old Computer to a New One?

The transfer of music from one computer system to another can be an anxious and lengthy process for a PC owner. Such is the volume of music in an average music collection that many users worry that... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From My iTunes Library to a MP3 Player?

The iTunes media library streamlines the storage of your music and video files into an interface that can be easily browsed and enjoyed on your computer. The application is optimized for usage with... Read More »