How do I transfer my Itunes Library to an external hard drive?

Answer Select your itunes folder, right click and copy it, where all your music is stored*;Than on your external HD simply paste the folder and all your music will be copied.

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Can I transfer my iTunes library on to an external hard drive How would that work?

ok.. let's say your files weren't bought on itunes. you would need to 1 transfer the files to your hard drive, 2: delete everything from your itunes library as those are just configuration files, a... Read More »

How do I transfer my iTunes music from my external hard drive to my new computer?

A good music collection can take years to build and thousands of dollars to own. Thus it is a good idea for you to make regular backup copies of your music in case something happens to your hard dr... Read More »

How Do I Store a Mac iTunes Library on an External Drive?

Locate iTunes music folderClick on your Mac's hard drive. By default, this drive is labeled Macintosh HD and is located in the upper right corner of your desktop. Type music in the search bar in th... Read More »

How to Transfer Windows XP to a New Hard Drive From an External Hard Drive?

When you buy a new computer and install Windows XP on it, it starts with default settings and files. If you want to move Windows XP files and settings from your old computer’s hard drive to the n... Read More »