How do I transfer music to a new computer?

Answer The advent of digital music made it possible to stockpile massive amounts of music on a computer, providing both compact storage and portability. If you have a new computer and want to move your mu... Read More »

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How can I authorize my computer on iTunes so I can transfer my music to a different computer?

are you clicking on the store tab at the very top of your itunes?if you click on store at the top (where file, edit controls and all that is) the menu will drop down and you should see Authorize Co... Read More »

How do you transfer music from your computer to your I pad 2?

How do I transfer music from my MP3 player to my computer?

While it's more common to want to know how to get MP3 files from a computer onto an MP3 player, there are a few reasons why the reverse might be necessary. For instance, maybe you have had a comput... Read More »

How to Transfer Your Music From a Computer to an SGH-A707?

Storing music on your cell phone can come in handy in the event that you do not have access to another personal audio player. The Samsung SGH-A707 is a multimedia capable cell phone that allows you... Read More »