How do I transfer music from my MP3 player to my computer?

Answer While it's more common to want to know how to get MP3 files from a computer onto an MP3 player, there are a few reasons why the reverse might be necessary. For instance, maybe you have had a comput... Read More »

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How to Transfer Music From RealPlayer to an MP3 Player?

The RealPlayer Converter allows you to listen to your favorite music on your MP3 player or another device. Once your music is copied to your MP3 player, you can have your music with you at all times.

How to Transfer Music From a Tape to a MP3 Player?

Maybe you have a collection of cassette tapes that you wish you could listen to on your MP3 player. Or you have some music recordings on tape that you would like to preserve. Tapes are an analog me... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From My iTunes Library to a MP3 Player?

The iTunes media library streamlines the storage of your music and video files into an interface that can be easily browsed and enjoyed on your computer. The application is optimized for usage with... Read More »

How do I Transfer Music From Napster to the Samsung Yh-920 MP3 Player?

The Samsung YH-920 is a convenient portable MP3 player that has the option of downloading Napster's music-share program right onto the player. For those of you who have already installed the Napste... Read More »