How do I transfer information from my old Blackberry to my new Blackberry?

Answer Start the BlackBerry Desktop ManagerConnect your old BlackBerry to your computer through the USB. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. (See Resources)Create Backup FileClick "Backup and Restore" o... Read More »

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How to Transfer All Information From One BlackBerry Bold to Another?

A broken or damaged mobile phone can be very stressful if you rely on your phone to complete even the simplest everyday tasks. If you are using a BlackBerry Bold, it can be even worse because this ... Read More »

Can I transfer my information from a Palm to a BlackBerry?

BlackBerry phones have an application allowing you to switch your information from a Palm to the BlackBerry, using your desktop computer. The Device Switch Wizard will import all of your organizer ... Read More »

I need to transfer my address book from my blackberry to my iphone and I don't have Outlook Express. I can back up my blackberry but cannot see to transfer to my iPhone Any ideas?

How to Transfer Ringers From My BlackBerry to My Replacement BlackBerry?

Getting a new phone can be fun and exciting, but it's probably safe to say that worrying about losing data and all your favorite settings when you make the switch isn't something most people look f... Read More »