How do I transfer funds from a checking account?

Answer Call Your BankCall your financial institution. Choose the option to speak to a live representative. Verify information including your checking account number and your full name after the customer s... Read More »

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How do I verify checking account funds?

The Basic ProcessCall the bank that issued the check, contacting if possible the home branch of the person who wrote the check. Ask to speak with someone who can verify checking information. This i... Read More »

Florida Laws on Insufficent Checking Account Funds?

If you have received a check drawn on a Florida checking account and the check is returned due to insufficient funds in the account, you have certain recourses. Florida law considers such checks to... Read More »

How to Transfer from Checking Account?

In the past checking account transfers could only be made by physically visiting the bank. Whether you want to transfer money from your checking account to your other checking account, money market... Read More »

How to Transfer Funds to an Offshore Bank Account?

An offshore banking account is a helpful financial tool for individuals and businesses alike. People who travel abroad frequently often find that maintaining this type of account and transferring f... Read More »