How do I transfer files from my Comcast DVR?

Answer DVRs allow you to record shows through your satellite or cable network. Backing up these files before you install a new devise takes a little work but can easily be done with a firewire or USB cabl... Read More »

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How to Transfer Files from PC to Mac?

Many of us are making the switch from a Windows-based PC computer to a new Mac. This article is designed to help you transfer your old files.You can do this using expensive software, a portable har... Read More »

How do I transfer files from a PC to a Mac?

External Hard DriveUse an external hard drive to transfer files from a PC to a Mac. Insert the USB cable from the hard drive into one of the ports on the PC. For PC laptops, the USB ports are most ... Read More »

How do you transfer MP3 files from PC to HTC HD2?

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How to Transfer Quicken Files From a PC to a Mac?

Quicken is a commonly-used banking software that allows you to enter your banking and investment transactions, keep track of your financial accounts and set up online payments (among other features... Read More »