How do I transfer cassette tapes to CD?

Answer Cassette tapes have long since become a nostalgic object of the past. Cassettes still have old memories or rare audio recorded on them. According to, converting cassette audio to CD f... Read More »

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How to Transfer Cassette Tapes to a CD Machine?

Transferring cassette tapes to a CD machine is useful for a number of different reasons. Now that tapes are no longer widely used, and are a largely destitute musical format, more people want to co... Read More »

How do I transfer music from cassette tapes to a PC?

Download SoftwareDownload and install music-recording software, such as Easy Media Creator, Nero, or Wave MP3 Editor Pro on to your personal computer. Familiarize yourself with the program's contro... Read More »

How to Transfer Cassette Tapes to CD-R Software?

Though CD's have mostly replaced cassettes as the portable media of choice, there are still plenty of people with nostalgic memories, music collections, and rare recordings on old cassette tapes. T... Read More »

Can you copy/transfer songs from cassette tapes to cd's?

There's a lot of answers here, so I will try to cut through the random ramblings...NO it is not difficult and NO it does not require special (expensive) equipment and YES the results can be very go... Read More »