How do I transfer all my files from this computer to my new one?

Answer i'm sorry but u will have to get a cd burner in your old CPU

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How do I transfer files I download from emails on my iPhone 3G to my computer using the USB cable this is for a situation where I don't have internet access on my laptop?

Depending on the country that you are in, the amount that you will pay to upgrade your handset will vary. You will need to contact your service provider if you purchased or are purchasing the new i... Read More »

How do i transfer files from one computer to another computer using a usb cable?

Process for Transfering Files From One Computer to Another Computer Using a USB CableConnect the universal serial bus (USB) cable on both of the computers that you will be using for the transfer of... Read More »

What is the easiest way to transfer files from an old computer to a new computer?

The most effiencent way would be to plug them both into the internet at once, network them, and share the files. However, if you arent a computer person that would be a little hard. I would recom... Read More »

How Do I Transfer Info Files From an Old Computer to a New One?

Transfer files via discInsert a blank CD or DVD into the disc drive in your computer. Click "Start" and open "My Computer" or "Computer." You should see the icon for the blank CD; click on it to op... Read More »