How do I transfer a photograph on my computer to a memory card on my camera?

Answer connect the camera using a usb cablethen open my computer and just add ur photos to the drive which it has designated to the memory cardorbuy a usb to memory stick cableand then repeat the second step

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Is it possible to transfer pictures from a Kodak digital camera memory card to your computer?

Answer yes it is possible to transfere pictures from a Kodak digital camrs to your computer HOW?] you have to download an kodak picture app. Just google Kodak for mac

Can you take high resolution pictures with a Canon Powershot SX100 IS and transfer them directly to your computer rather than to the memory card and if not what inexpensive digital camera can?

Cannon is better according to very professional and (I think) unbiased site. See also as a backup 2nd opinion for a specific camera.... I use them whenever I have... Read More »

How do you transfer memory from camera memory card?

Cameras use SD cards. If it is too small, they usually come with a slot adapter which you put in the card in. Then you put the adapter in an SD port, assuming your computer has an SD port. If it do... Read More »

I bought a digital camera but dont have any SD memory, is there a way transfer it to my PC without the card?

Yeap, you will need a USB cable, you can go do a dollar store and buy one for a $1.00 if you are worried about cash, but I do not recommended using it for long because the quality might not be as g... Read More »