How do I transfer VCR tapes to a PC?

Answer ConnectingConnect the VCR to the PC via a video capture card. These devices come in internal versions that use a card slot or external versions that use USB. The VCR connects to the card through re... Read More »

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How to Transfer VCR Tapes to CDs?

Whether you've got an amazing movie, a movie of your kids or any other VCR tape that you want to preserve, transferring the content from your tapes to CDs can allow you to enjoy and save your captu... Read More »

How do I transfer my Vhs tapes to DVD?

i got an ati ALL IN WONDER tv card.. it is bascially a tv tuner on the video card for your computer.. this results in yoru computer being a vcr.. but instead of using tapes.. it uses your hard driv... Read More »

How do I transfer cassette tapes to CD?

Cassette tapes have long since become a nostalgic object of the past. Cassettes still have old memories or rare audio recorded on them. According to, converting cassette audio to CD f... Read More »

Can you transfer old camcorder tapes to cd?

If you have a player for the tapes then yes for about £35 or $60 you can buy a USB video adapter - if not search ebay or other photography store sites for companys that do it for you.Please rememb... Read More »