How do I transfer "ALL" of my information from my " OLD " laptop to my " NEW " one ?

Answer Windows Vista has a built in "transfer Files" program in the Welcome Center called "Windows Easy Transfer". This will work for an old computer that is running 2000, XP or Vista.Start/Control Panel... Read More »

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Does the HP TouchSmart laptop come with a cord to transfer information from another computer?

No, the HP TouchSmart laptop does not ship with a cord that would enable information transfer. However, the TouchSmart does have USB and HDMI ports for which a compatible cable can be purchased at ... Read More »

How do I transfer information from the hard drive on my broken laptop to the computer?

You can only open up your laptop and take out the hard drive. Install it in another computer, and voila you're good to go.Use Norton's ghost partition if you want to copy the old hard drive to ano... Read More »

How do I transfer programs from laptop to laptop?

Look for any user files associated with the program. For example, Word documents are associated with Microsoft Word. Copy these files to a CD or flash drive. Look for any files that have saved info... Read More »

How to transfer information from one pc to the other?

A lap-link cable and the file transfer wizard found in system tools. I think 'Belkin' is one manufacturer of these cable and you can get them at a Radio Shack or similar type store.