How do I train a cat to use a cat door?

Answer If your cat is driving you crazy by wanting to go in and out all the time, try giving her more independence by teaching her to use her own personal cat door. It is a simple procedure, and both you ... Read More »

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How to Train Your Dog to Use a Dog Door?

Most dogs won't use a new dog door on their own. Fortunately, this can be taught to them. It only takes a few minutes of focused effort to teach your dog this simple trick.

How to Train a Dog to Bark at the Door?

For many people, dogs are not only pets and cherished members of the family, but also are good for home protection against possible intruders. One of the most effective ways to alert any unwanted g... Read More »

UK question : what happened to the old slam-door type train carriages?

The HSTs still run with them.Slam door stock has been gradualy withdrawn over the last 20 years.Most carriages have been cut up for scrap.One or two have gone to preserved railways, but as most ope... Read More »

Why is it when a city bus stops at a railroad crossing it always opens the door to see if a train is coming?

Because the law says, "Stop, look, and listen". They stop in advance of the crossing, open the door to listen for a train whistle (you have to remember, a loaded bus is noisy as hell), and look dow... Read More »