How do I tie fishing line to a bait caster?

Answer Thread the Bait CasterThread the fishing line through the line guide of the bait caster. Wrap the line around the spool of the reel once and hold onto the tail end of the line.Grab the LineReach in... Read More »

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How do I put fishing line on a bait caster?

Run the new line through the rod guides. Pass it through the worm gear, which keeps the line evenly distributed on the reel spool. Tie a knot that pulls tight enough to prevent the line from slipp... Read More »

How do I bait a fishing line?

Tie a hook onto your line by using a clinch, palomar or loop knot. These are different knots that you can use for different types of bait and hooks. To find demonstrations for tying these knot, con... Read More »

How to Cast With a Bait Caster?

Bait cast reels are viewed by some anglers as frustratingly difficult to use. The thought of a tangled mass of line coming from the spool is enough to discourage many fishermen. However, bait cast ... Read More »

How to Cast a Bait Caster or Spinning Rod?

This state record shoal bass was caught with a spinning outfit.This is how you cast either a Spinning or Bait casting rod and reel. Hope this helps at all.