How do I tie a fishing line to a reel spool?

Answer Loop your new fishing line around your spool so that about 6 inches of line (this is called the tag) overlaps the main line.Take the tag and loop it around the main line three times. Take the tag a... Read More »

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How to Spool New Fishing Line Onto a Reel?

You should replace your fishing line at least once per season. If you fish frequently, you may have to change it even more often. If you replace line incorrectly, you may have problems with line tw... Read More »

How do I spool fishing line on a reel?

Spooling processTie the line to the spinning barrel, which is located at the end of the reel near the handle. Spin the line slowly onto the reel. Stop just short of the rim, which is about 1/8 inch... Read More »

How do I spool a fishing line?

Remove the Old LineRemove any old line from the spinning reel. Pull the line out of the reel and cut the arbor knot which keeps the fishing line attached to the spool.Spool New Fishing LineRun the... Read More »

How do I tie line to a fishing spool?

Take your fishing line and create a loop around your spool. Let about 6 inches of line, which is called the tag, overlap your original or main line.Loop the tag around the main line three times. Ru... Read More »