How do I test soil moisture?

Answer Purchase a Plant Moisture MeterPurchase a plant moisture meter. Local garden centers or home improvement stores carry a variety of plant moisture meters designed to easily and efficiently measure ... Read More »

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Digital Soil Moisture Meter Experiments?

Soil moisture refers to the amount of both free and hydroscopic water in the soil. Hydroscopic soil moisture is the amount of water on the molecular scale that adheres to soil particles. Free water... Read More »

How to Test Moisture Density?

Soil contains a number of elements, among them water scientifically referred to as moisture in soil. The aim of determining the moisture density is to learn the maximum moisture density composition... Read More »

How to Test a Concrete Floor for Excessive Moisture?

Concrete is known to be a magnet for moisture, and often a concrete floor can appear dry while retaining excessive moisture. While there are kits available that will tell you the exact moisture con... Read More »

What is a Soil Test LQL?

The Lower Quantitation Limit (LQL) in a soil test refers to the smallest concentration at which a substance can be reliably measured in a soil sample. This is sometimes called the Lower Limit of Q... Read More »