How do I test for the hardness of water?

Answer Hard water, while not dangerous or unhealthy, is a homemakers' nightmare. The minerals which make it "hard" (most commonly calcium & magnesium) cause little annoyances when it comes to cleaning. Ha... Read More »

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Water Hardness Test Procedures?

There are many ways to test the hardness of your water. For years the "soap test" was used, but professionals prefer to use the titration method for a more accurate reading. Water professionals me... Read More »

What should i set the water hardness at on a water softener?

On One Hand: Hard Water Can Cause DamageA high mineral content accounts for the phenomenon known as "hard water," according Texas A&M University. Consumers often want to use water softeners because... Read More »

How to Test Candy Hardness Stages?

The hardness of candy can make a big difference to the success or otherwise of an individual candy recipe. Each kind of candy requires different levels of hardness, with fudge needing to remain sof... Read More »

Water Hardness & Skin Rashes?

Hard water contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals, which prohibits cleansing products from dissolving properly. These undissolved products leave a residue on skin--often caus... Read More »