How do I test for leptin?

Answer Leptin is, like insulin, an important regulator of body metabolism. It is a protein hormone known to control and regulate the intake and expenditure of energy by the body. It controls appetite as w... Read More »

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Where is leptin found?

Leptin is found in adipocyte cells. The cells release leptin into the bloodstream, where they travel to the brain to signal a decrease in appetite. A lack of leptin in the body can cause overeating... Read More »

How to Increase Leptin?

It is important to increase Leptin because the hormone plays a crucial role in weight loss. The hormone regulates appetite by inhibiting the overproduction of appetite-promoting hormones. Therefore... Read More »

How to Overcome Leptin Resistance?

Leptin is a protein hormone that enables you to realize when you are full and do not need to eat anymore. Leptin is transported from the blood, to the blood brain barrier, to the hypothalamus. If y... Read More »

Does leptin improve sleep?

On One Hand: Less Sleep Means Less LeptinLeptin is a hormone that is produced as an appetite suppressant when the body has eaten enough food, therefore communicating to the body to stop eating. A s... Read More »