How do I test for iron in water?

Answer According to the Minnesota Department of Health, when water is red or yellow in color, it probably contains some dissolved iron. Too much iron may adversely affect the taste of your water. It can a... Read More »

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If I put a drug test strip I'm water will it say come up as void or will it test correctly?

Is there iron in well water?

Yes, iron is sometimes present in well water. Iron in well water does not pose any health risks, but it may affect the taste or appearance of the water. High iron levels can be treated in several w... Read More »

Can you use a steam iron without water?

You can use a steam iron without water. To dry fabric with a steam iron without water, simply adjust the temperature settings. Make sure the iron has completely cooled after removing the water to p... Read More »

Will iron in your well water hurt you?

On One Hand: It Can Be HarmfulHigh iron levels in well water can be harmful. Iron combined with other minerals in hard water can cause dry skin conditions ranging from simple skin irritation to ecz... Read More »