How do I test for iron in water?

Answer According to the Minnesota Department of Health, when water is red or yellow in color, it probably contains some dissolved iron. Too much iron may adversely affect the taste of your water. It can a... Read More »

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If I put a drug test strip I'm water will it say come up as void or will it test correctly?

How to Convert mg/L to PPM for Iron in Water Samples?

Iron (Fe) in water comes in the form of two cations Fe(2+) and Fe(3+). While iron does not pose a direct health risk, this metal causes water to have a reddish color as well as an unpleasant metall... Read More »

Is there iron in well water?

Yes, iron is sometimes present in well water. Iron in well water does not pose any health risks, but it may affect the taste or appearance of the water. High iron levels can be treated in several w... Read More »

Do water softeners remove iron?

Up to three milligrams of iron per liter can be removed from water by a water softener designed for iron removal. Some models are designed to remove both iron and hard water minerals simultaneously... Read More »