How do I test for hypocalcemia?

Answer Medical professionals test for calcium levels by doing blood tests. If the results are below the normal level of calcium in the blood, then doctors complete additional, more specific blood tests. H... Read More »

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Pediatric Hypocalcemia?

Pediatric hypocalcemia is a condition in which there is not enough calcium within the bloodstream. Regular calcium levels are necessary for muscles and the heart to function appropriately. Also, pr... Read More »

Hypocalcemia In Reptiles?

Hypocalcemia is an extreme lack of calcium. In reptiles, it is commonly referred to as a calcium deficiency or metabolic bone disease (MBD), and it is fairly common in reptiles kept as pets in capt... Read More »

I had DNA PCR test 18 days after the exposure and found it negative. Should i go for further test?

vighu - YES is the Answer, if you are concerned about an HIV infection. Your recent negative result demonstrates that you did not have the HIV infection prior to your recent exposure. However you... Read More »

How to Convert Test Scores From a Stanford Achievement Test to New Jersey?

A Stanford Achievement Test is a national test that shows a level of learning and education a student possesses. To convert those scores to scores that match with the New Jersey Department of Educ... Read More »